I know you’re probably wondering… okay, I have talked to a lot of photographers and everyone does this differently. Where do I start? How does this work?

No worries! We hope to make this process as smooth and easy as possible for you. Check out the process below!

01. Inquiry

You’ve browsed around and are feeling GREAT about us working together. You’ll expect an email from me within 24-48 hrs! And please keep in mind that we book 4-6 weeks in advance. I am booking as far out as needed (especially for weddings). Fall and spring sessions go very quickly and are often booked several months in advance, so it is never too early to get your session date reserved!


Now that you’ve inquired, I’m so anxious to chat about things in more depth! This is the time you ask me any and everything that is a cause for hesitation, worry, or anxiety. I'll also provide a pricing guide and our "what to expect" note so that we can break it all down and get a real feel if we are doin’ this thing. 

03. Booking form

After selecting a package, you’ll tell me you’re on board! *cue the heart eyes and excited squeal*

From there, I will email you a booking form and invoice. This form has a fun questionnaire and waiver to fill out that includes the date and location of your session. It is also sent out to our whole team so we can ensure that you are well taken care of throughout this journey. Remember, paying the deposit locks you in the books FOR GOOD! 


Once you're on the schedule, we can get to the fun stuff!! We will include friendly information, reminders, and any recommendations for vendors, locations, etc. I am there to alleviate all the stress - not in like… an annoying way, just in a friendly way.


It has arrived. You’ve made it. I am so stoked to photograph you and both of us should be FULLY prepared. I might shed a few tears behind the camera and bust a few moves to get you to laugh, but know I am focused on soaking up all your priceless moments, not just as your photographer, but as a friend. 


After the big day, you’ll receive a HUGE handful of images in 7-10 days (14-21 for weddings) that you can share with family and friends. I take much pride in my work, so I spend hours upon hours backing up, hand editing, and fine-tuning all your images one by one. Your gallery will be worked on with so much love and passion that you won’t be able to not relive one of the greatest days of your life for years and years to come.. And then some more years!! You will be able to make your package selections from this gallery, as well as visit your online store for any additional goodies you wish to have!

are you ready? let's Do this thaaaang!

If not, we are happy to help!

We will be as flexible as possible to meet your desired day

We will be as flexible as possible to meet your desired time

All sessions are outdoor unless a studio is requested or an indoor location is already reserved. All studio sessions require an additional fee. Please request studio availability in the Message box above.