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Art & Life with Krista Davenport

I have spent the last decade living and working in Houston as a professional artist. Although I specialize in many mediums, photography has always been my first love. I am a photographer when I am working and I am also a photographer when I’m not working. It is a true passion of mine. I began my work as a fine art photographer in college and started my own company Kris D. Photography two years after graduation. It took off right away and that has consumed most of my time these last 5 years. I have been blessed with many out of state/international opportunities and I feel not only my craft but myself growing every day. It has been an amazing journey thus far.

Although I am a late and random blogger, I am thankful and honored to (in Aug 2018) be featured for a 3rd time in Voyage Houston Magazine. This feature was such a gift as I got to take part of their “Thought-Provoker” series while also promoting for our 2nd annual art show Lights Out Houston. It feels like the first time, every time!! For the full interview please visit here

Lights Out Art Collective 2018

It wasn’t until I visited the annual art event Burning Man in Black Rock City Nevada that I discovered a different world of art. Although we could venture out during the day to see rad installations, it was much too hot to do much during daylight hours due to it being located in the desert. One night, when the temperature had dropped, I found myself riding my bike through hundreds of thousands of works of art…in the dark! I was completely mind boggled that this was not a “thing” where I lived in Houston Texas. The entire drive home, I was trying to recollect any time in my life that I had experienced an art show in the dark. When we visit museums, we expect a well lit room (probably white) during business hours and dress the part. I really wanted to bring that part of burning man that changed my perception of how we view art, home. That is how the Lights Out Art Collective was born.

Fast forward….we are now working on our 3rd annual dark art show in Houston. The first two years, I was both the artist and the curator along with 6 other local artists. This year I am really digging deep in the curatorial aspect as well as creative directing. The Lights Out Collective aims to inspire emerging artists by encouraging creativity and exploration through direct support of local artists participating in our shows. The Collective produces experimental multimedia art experiences in the dark that showcase Houston creatives displaying a wide array of talents. Artworks displayed at the Lights Out shows explore multiple media, including, but not limited to, interactive, visual, performance, and audio installations.  

Thank you to all of our vendors and Houston Press for providing coverage at our shows. Photography Credit: @doogieroux and myself @krisd_22

Never Too Late For Tokyo

It’s now December and I went into my travel photos to find a picture of us in Switzerland for Christmas a few years back in a lazy attempt to do a throwback holiday post. I accidentally selected the “Asia Trip” folder instead of “Europe Trip” and fell nose deep in our photos from Japan. 

My first thoughts were…”What the fuck is wrong with me? Why have I not posted these? Why am I so bad at this blog life? Why has it taken me 5 months to fall completely in lust with these images? 

So forget Switzerland. I am here to give these babies the recognition they deserve, even if I still don’t have the words for them yet.

Below, are some sweet moments captured in the everyday life of the Japanese. Please take a second to enjoy each one individually as I did while taking/editing them. They each say so much and I specifically chose these shots as my favorite interpretations of our journey through Tokyo.

Also, Happy Holidays to all of them lazy bloggers out there! 

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